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Scienscope E Series Parallel Zoom 

Trinocular Microscopes

Scienscope E Trinocular Series

Scienscope E Trinocular Series

E Series Optical Head

E Series Optical Head

The first ever parallel stereo zoom microscope system from Scienscope. This microscope is comparable to leading brand manufacturers, see it for yourself. Years of development and design have yielded the first affordable high performance system of its kind.

Optical Head Options

There are two types of optical heads available: Tilting or Fixed. The new Tilting/Ergo Head truly resolves the headaches associated with using a stereo microscope continuously. The Ergo head allows up to 45 degrees of tilt/positioning capability and 180 degrees of rotating capability to accommodate operators of any height or bench position of the stereo microscope. The Fixed head provides a 20 degree inclination with extended eye tubes for fatigue reduced viewing.


All E series microscopes are easily upgradeable to a Trinocular (Video Camera) port for on-screen viewing and image capture at mega pixel resolution. Compare the quality/price of the E series to other name brand systems of the parallel category and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

20° fixed head


Eyepiece inclination of 20° allow you to observe without having the lean forward which reduces fatigue during long hours of operation.

Ergonomic tilting and
rotating head


Eyepieces tilt and rotate to adjust for operator height. Eyepieces rotate 180°. Eyepieces tilt with 3″ travel. Inclination is adjustable from 0° to 45° for optimum user comfort.e.

Video Splitter


Instantly converted to a trinocular system but simply adding a video splitter to your existing binocular system along with video coupler.

Stackable Accessories

A parallel infinity corrected optical system that allows for ergonomic customization and stacking of several components without distorting
the image.

E-Series Microscope Configuration Chart

Technical Specifications

Complete System Packages

CMO-PK10-R2E | CMO-PK10-R3 | CMO-PK10-E1 | CMO-PK10-AN-E | CMO-PK10-R2E-E | CMO-PK10-R3-E | CMO-PK10-E1-E

Other Microscopes and Accessories Options

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