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  • What is field of view?
    Field of view is the area that the camera is seeing. For example, if you want to see the whole penny, which has about 19mm diameter, then you need to have 19mm field of view to see the whole penny on the monitor. If you just want to see letter "G" in God, then you need 1mm field of view. If field of view is 4mm, then 1mm size would fill about 25% of the monitor. If you choose a digital microscope with 4mm to 19mm field of view, then you can see the whole penny and also zoom into letter "G".
  • What is working distance?
    Working distance is the distance between the front of the lens to the viewing sample to bring the image into focus. For example, 6 inch working distance would offer user the vertical clearance to do some assembly. On some application, shorter working distance maybe desired.
  • What is the advantage for using HD 1080p or 4K Ultra HD HDMI output digital microscopes?
    HD 1080p or 4K Ultra HD HDMI output digital microscopes can offer HD high definition 1080p or 4K Ultra HD resolution for direct viewing on HD or Ultra HD 4K monitor with HDMI input, which is ideal for real time viewing and inspection without any time lags. No computer needed.
  • Is measurement software available for digital microscopes?
    Measurement software can be installed on computer, which can be connected to digital microscope via USB port.
  • Possible to do measurement without using computer?
    Yes. m800 series digital microscopes have smart integrated measurement tools inside the computer without using computer. Or digital microscopes can be integrated with xy measurement stage or z-height digimatic meter. No PC needed.
  • How to save images and video?
    Many digital microscopes have built in SD card or USB drive to save images or video direct without computer. Images and video can also be saved direct to computer via USB port or stand alone image and video capture box without using computer.
  • Do you offer on-site demo?
    Yes, please contact us for more details.
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