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Dino-Lite USB Microscope Products

Handheld Digital Microscope (USB)

Handheld Digital Microscope (TV/D-Sub/DVI)

Dino-Lite offers a variety of portable digital USB microscopes perfect for intricate work and inspection of objects and areas that normally wouldn't be possible with a traditional microscope structure.  Over the years, the Dino-Lite series digital handheld microscope and Dino-Eye series microscope eyepiece have evolved and expanded to better serve our customers. By adopting a combination of technologies, Dino-Lite products have been widely used in various sectors (but not limited to) of the industry, biomedicine, education, agriculture, and forensic for the purpose of inspection, quality control, production, research, and documentation. 


NEW Featured Products

Dino-Lite Edge AM73115MZT
with USB 3.0/5 MP​

Empowered with USB 3.0 interface, the Dino-Lite Edge 3.0 series AM73115MZT delivers exceptional sharp and fluent images operated within a range of 10-220X magnifications. With compression eliminated, the AM73115MZT can reveal the finest detail to fully unleash the power of the Edge optics. Thanks to USB 3.0, the AM73115MZT is capable of providing 15FPS at 5MP or 45FPS at 1.3MP resolutions, allowing the unit to be used in a more demanding application.

Dino-Eye Edge AM7025X


Adopting with Edge class optics and high-resolution sensor, the 5MP Dino-Eye Edge series AM7025X eyepiece offers remarkable image performance yet provides relatively large field of view than its predecessors.
With fine color reproducibility, the AM7025X
is capable of capturing finest detail of microscope’s image for professional applications.

Note: The AM7025X is compatible with DinoXcope 1.16 version or later.

Dino-Lite N3C-A Coaxial
Light Cap

Answering the need of coaxial illumination, the N3C-A is designed to form coaxial front light simply by replacing the front cap of Dino-Lite Edge models.  The coaxial front light, formed by mirroring the light of Dino-Lite with a beam splitter, may help to high-light scratches and dents from reflective surface, or to suppress shadowing when looking at object behind a deep hole. The compact and innovative design makes it an indispensable accessory for many critical inspection applications.

Handheld Digital Microscopes

Dino-Lite offers portable all-in-one microscope devices containing an image sensor, lens, and built-in lighting, and designed to connect either to a computer or directly to a display. 

USB Microscopes

USB microscopes connect to a USB port on your computer and include software for capturing images and video. Although your TV may have a USB port, these models must connect to a computer, not to a TV.

Dino-Lite USB microscope models are offered for basic budget-friendly applications, in the popular Premier and Edge series, and for more specialized medical and laboratory applications.  

Eyepiece Cameras

Converting traditional optical microscopes into refined-grade digital microscopes, Dino-Eye series features enhancing the existing equipment through fitting seamlessly on optical microscope for specimens observed on an external display that would give screen viewing. Attach to a stereo or compound microscope. USB and TV models available.

TV (Analog) Microscopes

TV (analog) microscopes connect directly to a TV or display by one of several connection types. These models do not connect to a computer and do not use software.

Dino-Lite TV (analog) microscope models are offered in either a RCA (composite video) connection, VGA (D-sub) connection, or HD/DVI connection. 



A list of stands, lighting, inspection stages, holders, backlight, knob motor, exchangeable caps, foot pedals and more are available to reach better convenience or to extend application when using with Dino-Lite.

Please see catalog (below) for the complete range of Dino-Lite digital microscope products available. 

Other Microscopes and Accessories Options

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