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HD800x Dual HDMI HD 1080p and USB 6 MP Digital Camera with Integrated Measurement Tools
(NO PC needed)

HD800x Dual HDMI HD 1080p and USB 6 MP Digital Camera with Integrated Measurement Software

HD800x Side

HD800x Side



Multiform Measurement Tools

The HD800x provides extremely powerful measurement functionality including: freehand lines, rectangles, polygons, circles, bicircles, angles, point-line distance and much more. In addition to
the ability to measure point-line distance, angles, the length of curves and lines, the camera can measure the perimeter & area of enclosed features such as: rectangles, polygons, and circles.
The unique calibration and magnification functions coupled with the ability to export the results to
Excel or text files, make the measurements more convenient and simple.

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Micron Level Measurement Accuracy

The HD800x is capable of delivering measurements with ultra high resolution which provides an incredible metrology capability in the most demanding situations.

Measurement for Various Applications

HD800x allows calibrations in mm, µm, inch and mil, which will meet various measurement requirements in different applications. And these results provide objective and reliable data to support quantitative analysis.

30fps High Speed Live Image

With 30fps data transfer at an uncompressed resolution of 1920X1080, HD800x sets a precedent. It is one of the fastest USB2.0 cameras in the world.

Excellent Capability for Fluorescence

Taking advantage of the ultra high signal to noise ratio sensor, HD800x provides for up to 10 seconds exposure time and gets finest detailed images, even for low light fluorescence.

3D Noise Reduction

Longer exposure times increase the image noise. But the integrated 3D noise reduction function keeps the HD800x image always clean and sharp.

1080p Video Recording

Just click the button to start recording 1080P videos at 30fps. The recorded video files will be saved to the high speed SD card. It is also possible to play back the videos from the SD card directly.

Superb Smart Camera


HD800x automatically analyzes the acquired images, optimizes the white balance, exposure time and saturation to present perfect images. Whatever, for bright field or dark field applications, ideal images can be captured, barely needing any parameter adjustments.

Simple Operations


The HD800x embedded user interface is so simple that not even one mouse click is required to bring up the two simple menus. There are only two icons on the HD800x splash, one for capture, the for settings.

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