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HD809 (3x - 52437x)

HD809 HD Digital USB Microscope

HD809 HD Digital USB Microscope

HD809 HD Digital USB Microscope with Basic Stand and XY Stage



DIC Option for HD809

HD809 is the ultimate HD high definition 1080p digital microscope with 12" or 24" HD monitor offering superb image quality at 60 frames per second for inspection and real time viewing. High resolution 6 mega pixels (3264x1836) images and 1080p full motion video can be saved direct to SD card for documentation, training and communication with other engineers or colleagues. NO computer needed! The camera has dual HDMI and USB output for direct connection to computer via USB port for video measurement application and also direct image and video capture to computer. Full camera settings can be easily adjusted with a mouse, which is interfaced directly with HD camera.

The HD digital microscopes offer long working distance from 0.51 inch to 13.4 inch with good clearance for production, QC, QA, FA and R&D applications. Viewing angle can be changed from top down to oblique side profile. 12" Retina HD Display with adjustable viewing angle eliminates monitor foot print on work bench. With 12" HD monitor, possible video magnification is from 3x to 26218x. The microscope system can also connect with 24 inch HD monitor for possible 7x to 52437x video magnification. Diagonal Field of View range is from possible 0.012mm to 91.4mm (0.0005 inch to 3.6 inch). High intensity LEDs with adjustable dimmer offers bright and uniform lighting.

The HD inspection system is available with various microscope stands like articulating arm stand, basic stand, back lighting stand, dual arm ball bearing sliding stand, or universal stand. Articulating arm stands can be mounted using clamps to work bench edge or hard mount to table surface. In addition to video measurement software, X-Y measurement stage with cross hair on monitor screen is also a popular option for routine measurement applications. Other lighting options including internal coaxial lighting (bright field lighting for wafer, die or cross section), polarizer lighting, dual arm fiber light guide and fluorescent are also available. Laser pointer is also great for locating the inspection area. We can also customize the system to match your special needs.

HD809 Benefits

· High Definition HD 1080p digital microscope 
· Healthy Ergonomics: Less eye fatigue and neck stress 
· Great Depth of Field 
· Long Working Distance: 1.8" to 13" 
· Adjustable Viewing Angles (0 to 90 degrees) 
· Real Time Full Motion HD1080p 60fps 
· Large HD monitor for discussion or training purposes 
· Save images with 6 megapixel resolution direct to SD card 
· HD 1080p motion video can be recorded direct to SD card

· No computer needed for SD card
· Wide zoom ratio with constant focus 
· Full camera, lens and lighting adjustments 
· XY measurement stage options available 
· Many stand options 
· Adjustable high intensity LEDs with diffuser glass
· Laser Pointer Option 
· Fluorescent or halogen lighting options 
· Measurement software and stage option

HD809 Applications

· Assembly
· Production
· Quality Control
· Failure Analysis
· Electronics
· Documentation
· Medical Device
· Machining
· Aerospace
· Natural Science
· Training

· Education

· Research and Development

NEW m-Series with Intelligent Integrated Measurement Tools

(no PC required)

Smart Measurement Tools built inside the Camera (allow up to 10 calibrations)

The m-Series provides extremely powerful measurement functionality including: freehand lines, rectangles, polygons, circles, bicircles, angles, point-line distance and much more. In addition to the ability to measure point-line distance, angles, the length of curves and lines,
the camera can measure the perimeter & area of enclosed features such as: rectangles, polygons, and circles. The unique calibration and magnification functions coupled with the ability to export the results to Excel or text files, make the measurements more convenient and simple.

Camera settings and measurement tools easily controlled by mouse
Micron Level Measurement Accuracy

The m-Series is capable of delivering measurements with ultra high resolution which provides an incredible metrology capability in the most demanding situations.

Measurement for Various Applications

m-Series allows calibrations in mm, µm, inch and mil, which will meet various measurement requirements in different applications. And these results provide objective and reliable data to support quantitative analysis.

Camera Control & Measurement Settings (click to enlarge)

Camera Controls (Hover Left)
Camera Controls (Hover Left)
Camera Controls (Hover Left)
Camera Controls (Hover Left)
Measurement Settings (Hover Right)
Measurement Settings (Hover Right)
Measurement Calibration in mil
Measurement Calibration in cm
Measurement Calibration in mm
Measurement Calibration in um
Measurement Calibration in nm
Measurement Calibration in inch
"Start Measurement" Menu
"Start Measurement" Menu
"Start Measurement" Menu
"Start Measurement" Menu
"Start Measurement" Menu
"Start Measurement" Menu
"Start Measurement" Menu
"Start Measurement" Menu
"Start Measurement" Menu
"Start Measurement" Menu
"Start Measurement" Menu
Measurement Settings (Hover Right)
Measurement Settings (Hover Right)
Measurement Settings (Hover Right)
Measurement Settings (Hover Right)
Measurement Settings (Hover Right)
Measurement Settings (Hover Right)
Image Playback
Measurement Settings (Hover Right)
Compare Images
Measurement Settings (Hover Right)
Measurement Settings (Hover Right)
Cross Line - Red
Cross Line - Green
Cross Line - Blue
Cross Line - Yellow
Cross Line - Cyan
Cross Line - Magenta
Cross Line - Black
Cross Line - White
Measurement Settings (Hover Right)
Ruler - Reticle

3D topography of a flat panel display circuit highlighted by employing
differential interference contrast (DIC) and HD809 system.

Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) Modules

DIC, when used with brightfield illumination, can often be interpreted as a true three-dimensional representation of the surface geometry. It provides a clear distinction between raised and lowered regions in the specimen being viewed.

Using the DIC module in reflected light situations
Two polarizers, one in the illumination axis and one in the viewing axis, are crossed at 90 degrees such that when looking at a perfectly mirrored surface all light is extinguished by the second polarizer.

A prism, made from two pieces of quartz, is then placed between the illuminator beamsplitter and the objective. Due to the optical properties of the quartz, the polarized beam is split into two. The two beams, separated by a minuscule amount, are polarized at 90 degrees to each other and one beam is shifted in relation to the other - a phase shift.

If the subject being viewed exhibits properties that change the length of the optical path of either beam (such as surface profiles, optical densities, etc.), both beams will experience further phase shifts.

With transverse movement of the prism the phase shifting performance of the prism may be accentuated and the final image is modified. By adding a polarization modifier, such as a 1/4 wave plate, after the illumination polarizer, the final effects are modified further.

The DIC module works with object side NAs ranging from 0.05 to 0.50, with optimum performance in the range from 0.15 to 0.4. Lens attachments, operating in the above range will serve for macro applications. Any infinity corrected objectives designed for incident light will suffice for micro applications. 

Viewing Chart

If you can't see chart properly, please click icon to download PDF version.
HD809 Spec Chart with High Power Objectives
If you can't see chart properly, please click icon to download PDF version.

Image/Video Gallery (click to enlarge)

Other Microscopes and Accessories Options

 Accessories (click to enlarge)

Video Measurement Software
Image Stitching and Extended Depth of Focus Software
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