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OneTouch Measurement Systems: OneTouch-LV



OneTouch-LV is a large view FOV optical metrology system to measure and inspect small size (typical size 1 inch) part overall dimension. The system features Large FOV telecentric optics, high Resolution digital camera, unique lighting and powerful DMP3000 software in a compact station. 

The system is quick to setup, easy to operate, low cost to own and result is precise. You can use the software general purpose functions to create program and measure complicate part, or use dedicate AutoCheck functions for immediate measurement. Either way, simply push a button to start the measurement.

Main Features

  • Doesn't require keyboard and mouse for basic operation

  • Button control for auto or manual measurement

  • Ultra-fast auto measurement

  • Factory calibration & mapping

  • Pattern matching part alignment for placement offset and orientation

  • Ultra-sharp image and zoom-in window for easy alignment

  • Top and back programmable LED illumination

  • Master part image comparision

  • Text, graphics and image overlay

  • Save image or video.

  • Compact size

Need Demo or Pricing?

Optical Specifications

*with 3MP digital camera

System Configuration

Standard Configuration

  • 2548 x 1536 color digital image resolution

  • 0.128X telecentric optics

  • Measure size up to 50 mm x 37 mm

  • 75mm Z-axis travel with joystick control

  • +/-5um accuracy with auto-edge detection

  • 22 inch WLCD screen

  • Configurable push buttons.

  • One Touch to perform auto programming measurement

  • Programmable LED top light & back light

  • DMP3000 metrology & imaging software

  • Dell small form computer

  • Windows 7 Professional

  • Dimension (in): 12 (W) x 25 (H) x 10 (D)


  • ​​Different magnification telecentric lens or zoom lens

  • X, Y and rotation crosshair control

  • 24 inch WLCD monitor

Other Microscopes and Accessories Options

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