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Scienscope Micro Zoom with Versa-Cam

Video Inspection System

Scienscope Micro Zoom Inspection System

Micro Zoom Detented Zoom Control

Micro Zoom Detented Zoom Control

Scienscope's industry standard Micro video/digital inspection systems now feature the powerful Versa-Cam. The Versa-Cam can be used as a “live image” HD (1080p) camera connected to a monitor using an HDMI cable or as a USB 2.0 camera with USB cable connected to any computer or Windows Tablet. Now the choice between live HD monitor inspection and high resolution USB camera capture and annotation is made at the camera…not between cameras.

Key Features

  • Integrated operating system

  • Image and Video capture to SD or via USB

  • Split-Screen live image/captured image comparison

  • Image gallery and image/video preview and playback

  • Vertical and horizontal line generators with 8 presets

  • Onscreen mouse-controlled video settings

  • Digital image sharpening and frame averaging2 USB 2.0 ports

  • Auto White balance

  • Auto shutter and brightness

  • 12” LCD monitor

  • 2 USB 2.0 ports

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High Magnification

Capable of up to 1200x the Micro-Zoom Systems with Versa-CAM makes de-tailed inspection a more comfortable an efficient process. If you need to docu-ment your work, images or video can be captured with one click of the mouse and stored to a removable SD card. For high volumes of documentation use the USB port to capture images with your computer.

Optical Accessories


The included Micro-Zoom lens offers a wide variety of optical accessories to
suit your changing inspection require-ments. All systems feature a detented zoom lens for repeatable magnification settings. Modular design allows you to interchange couplers and objective lenses to vary magnification, FOV, and working distance.

Applications for Micro-Zoom

  • Medical devices

  • Research and Development

  • Surface analysis

  • Forensics

  • Semiconductor

  • Micro machining

  • Materials analysis

  • Quality Control

  • Aerospace

Technical Specifications

Complete System Packages- Coming Soon! 

Systems include a USB or HDMI camera, choice of stand and lighting. USB cameras are great for capturing images with a computer and saving the data to networks. While HDMI cameras can capture images to directly to an SD card while viewing a live image on an LCD monitor. You can also add measurement, annotation, and image comparison software to USB cameras.

Other Microscopes and Accessories Options

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