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Techniquip Microscope Lighting Products

Techniquip ProLine Series

Techniquip ProLine Series

Techniquip Annular Lighting

Techniquip Annular Lighting

Techniquip Gooseneck Light Guides

Techniquip Gooseneck Light Guides

Techniquip PowerPose Illuminators

Techniquip PowerPose Illuminators

Techniquip SL Series

Techniquip SL Series

TechniQuip has been manufacturing medical and industrial customers with reliable and cost‐effective lighting and vision related products for over 40 years. They are committed to being a leading manufacturer of the latest technologies needed to increase the productivity of people working in medicine, manufacturing, quality control, and product development environments.


Ring Lighting

LED Ring Lights


Designed and manufactured to the exacting standards that have made TechniQuip an industry leader in microscopy ring lights, the ProLine and SlimLine series deliver powerful, microscope quality white light from the precision aligned LED array. Techniquip's CAD designed ring light system contains top quality exceptionally bright white LED’s housed in an attractive aluminium (ProLine) or aluminum and plastic (SlimLine) enclosure. The ProLine and SlimLine series offer outstanding illumination performance and maximum energy savings.

Fluorescent Ring Lights


Fluorescent technology is ideal for providing diffuse light since the entre surface of the bulb emits light evenly as the reactive gases inside become charged. Techniquip's Model 9/Model 10 CFMI and CFVI Series Fluorescent Ring Lights are perhaps the world's most popular lighting solution for microscopy.  The TechniLight Fluorescent Ring Illuminator provides diffuse cool light from a wide range of angles. Perfectly suited for PC board inspection and quality control applications.

Fiber Optic Ring Lights

Techniquip's Fiber Optic Annular Rings provide 360 degree illumination at a range of focal lengths. Available in sizes from 25mm I.D to 99mm I.D. A rugged black annodized aluminum housing contains and protects the Borosilicate fiber. Custom lengths available upon request.

Fiber Optic Lighting

LED Illuminators


TechniQuip’s ProLux LED Illuminator sets the standard for the new generation of LED Fiber Optic Illuminators. Harnessing the power of the industry’s highest performing high-output LED’s, the ProLux LED is a viable alternative to existing halogen technology. Designed for optimal thermal management to maximize reliability and optical performance, the ProLux LED provides exceptional stability, uniformity and a more consistent color temperature than traditional EKE light sources.

Halogen Illuminators


TechniQuip’s FOI series illuminators are well respected worldwide as a durable, reliable, and practical fiber optic light source. FOI Series illuminators are used in a wide range
of manufacturing, microscopy, metrology, medical, research, and other applications. Techniquip’s Model 21 AC and Model 21 DC halogen illuminators are high performance lighting tools that are a cost effective lighting solution for “mission critical” applications.

Fiber Optic Light Guides


Techniquip offers fiber optic light guides
that are annular, gooseneck, or single cable. Fiber Optic Annular Rings provide 360 degree illumination at a range of focal lengths. Goosenecks are characterized by their obedient sheathing which makes it possible to position the light at a range of angles to the subject and provide point source illumination. Single flexible fiber optic cables are ideal for transporting light to a single location – commonly used in photonics, microscopy, machine vision and related applications.

Task/Spot Lighting

PowerPose Spot Light Illuminator


Techniquip's PowerPose Series is focused high intensity LED lighting for microscopy and preci-sion tasks. Designed and manufactured to the exacting standards that have made TechniQuip an industry leader in LED lights,the PowerPose delivers powerful, microscope quality white light, offering outstanding illumination performance in
a rugged, attractive package.

Speciality Lighting

Linear Lighting


TechniQuip’s fluorescent light panels are versatile backlight panels that provide uniform, flicker-free illumination across a variety of viewing areas. Techniquip's Model 132 High Output Fluorescent Linear is a versatile, high frequency (25 kHz) lighting system that is designed for a wide variety of applications including frame grabbing, imaging, inspection, assembly and machine vision. TechniQuip’s SL Series Sealed Fluorescent Linear is designed for use in industrial environments where particulate, debris and spray down is a concern.

Video Equipment

Digital Crosshair Generator

TechniQuip’s Digital Video Crosshair Generators are available with single or dual camera input configurations. They provide a means of precisely determining if items too small to easily view with the naked eye are of the correct size or are in the correct location. Video Crosshair Generators are widely used for a variety of inspection and alignment tasks. 

Digital Video Pattern Generator


TechniQuip’s line of Digital Video Pattern Generators are available in both single camera and dual camera configurations

and are built on a platform of modern application specific integrated circuits.

The DVPG is a fully integrated camera switcher, split screen and adjustable video reticle generator that allows simultaneous viewing of two cameras on either a video or computer monitor. The net effect is highly reliable, stable, and compact devices. 

Other Microscopes and Accessories Options

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