UV Microsope (330nm to 700nm)

The UV Microscope is a motorized imaging lens system that operates within a spectral range of 330nm to 700nm and offers a 6.2:1 zoom ratio. It is an ideal digital imaging solution for high magnification microscopy and OEM applications such as protein crystallography, forensic evidence analysis and surface defect inspection.

• Designed for a 2/3” sensor
• Focal length range of 80-497mm
• Motorized for easy magnification adjustments
• Combine with infinity corrected imaging microscope objectives, Plan Apo UV long working distance microscope objectives, and high power UV focusing objectives
• Operates within 330nm to 700nm spectral range

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Other Microscopes and Accessories Options

Accessories (click to enlarge)

Back Lighting
XY Measurement
XY Measurement
1 Micron
Z-Height Measurement
Mitutoyo Digimatic Meter
XY Measurement
Mitutoyo Micrometer
Knob Control
XY Stage
Riser Stage
Up Down
XY Stage
Knob Controls
XY Stage
Floor Stand
Articulating Arm
Dual Gliding Stand
LED Back Lighting
Rotating Table
Oblique viewing
XY Sliding Stage
Polarizer Lighting
Foot Controls
for HDAF series
LED Back Lighting
Multi Viewer
DIC Module
Differential Interference Contrast
Right Angle
Body Tube
HD801 and M12 with improved ergonomic viewing angle
3D Mirror for 35
degree angle viewing
BGA mirrors for 90
degree angle viewing
Laser Pointer
for larger PCB inspection
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