Scienscope Video Microscope Products

Scienscope offers four different types of binocular stereo zoom microscope systems within their collection – the ELZ Series, SSZ-II Series, NZ Series, and E – Series. Whichever one you pick from our stereo zoom microscope collection, you can guarantee that it will be durable, have a variety of accessories available, and be low maintenance.

Scienscope's Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope Systems are some of the best in the industry and are available in three different types of systems – SSZ-II Series, NZ Series, and E-Series.


Their Macro Zoom Video Inspection System is ideal for quality assurance, biomedical imaging, or assembly applications where an easy-to-view, sharp and true-to-life magnified image of your product can mean the difference between a shippable, top-quality end product and a costly manufacturing failure. The Macro Zoom lens has the most Depth of Field and Field of View available from a video lens with all adjustment at your fingertips such as zoom, focus, and iris control.

The Micro Zoom Video Inspection System can provide a high magnification image without chromatic aberration and distortion. Detented zoom for repeatable magnification settings and built-in internal focus module are perfect for FOV measurement applications as well as general inspection. Modular design allows you to interchange couplers and objective lenses to vary magnification, FOV, and working distance.

Binocular Microscope Systems

ELZ, SSZ-II, NZ, and E-Series

  • Four levels of stereo zoom binocular microscopes

  • Assortment of specification levels and costs

  • Great for inspection, work, assembly, and dissection

  • Ergonomic options available

Trinocular Microscope Systems

SSZ-II, NZ, and E Series

  • Three levels of stereo zoom trinocular microscopes

  • Assortment of specification levels and costs

  • All systems include image capture

  • Perfect for training and monitoring as well as inspection
    and documentation

Scienscope Macro Zoom Video Inspection Systems
  • Macro zoom optics for a large field of view and depth of field

  • Ergonomic and easy to use

  • All systems include image capture

  • Great for quality inspection, process monitoring and assembly

Scienscope Micro Zoom Video Inspection Systems
  • High magnification micro zoom optics (up to 1200x)

  • Chromatic aberration and distortion free

  • Detented zoom control for measurement applications

  • Perfect for quality inspection and failure analysis

Other Microscopes and Accessories Options

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