XYZ Manual & Motorized Measurement Systems

We offer a variety of XYZ digital measurement systems that will measurement data collecting quick and precise. The measurement systems come in a range of manual and motorized XYZ stage configurations, so there is sure to be one to fit your specific needs and applications. 

OneTouch is a FOV digital measuring scope. It has a motorized, computer control, programmable Z stage. The software has pattern matching function to detect the part location and orientation.

EZ series is a high precision digital video measuring system that offers different combinations of manual and motorized XYZ, and different light options, including manual and programmable LED ring, coaxial and back light. .

QV series is a microscope based measurement and inspection system. The system integrates a microscope with a precision XY stage, high performance motion controller, computer and software. It greatly improves the speed of inspection and accuracy of measurement.


MaxV series has high precision stage and high resolution linear encoder, fully computer control zoom and lighting.


Each system uses DMP-3000, or DMP4000 digital measurement software.

DMP-3000 software is designed for video manual measuring system with edge detection and part programming. It provides full video CMM measuring capability and is easy-to-learn. The stage mapping
capability greatly improves the system measurement accuracy. The software also provides broad imaging functions to have a value added on the system.

DMP4000 software has auto edge detection with sub-pixel resolution. It provides full CMM measuring capability.The stage and video mapping capabilities greatly improve the system measurement accuracy.

Overview of Measurement Systems


Other Microscopes and Accessories Options

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