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New m-Series with Intelligent Integrated Measurement Tools

YSC Technologies introduces our new m-Series microscope systems that feature intelligent integrated measurement tools. In addition to all the great features the YSC HD800 series comes with, the m-Series digital microscopes have smart measurement tools built inside the cameras that allows up to 10 calibration settings. m-Series cameras allow for calibrations in mm, µm, inch and mil, making it capable of meeting various measurement requirements in different applications. It is also able to deliver measurements in ultra high resolution suited for demanding metrology.

And the best part of the m-Series? No computer required! m-Series camera can capture images, record videos, and conduct measurements as long as it is hooked up to a monitor and a mouse. Using a digital microscope to obtain measurements has never been easier!

For more information on the m-Series, please see products under “HD 1080p/6MP USB/SD card/Measurement-NEW Measurement Tools (inside Camera- NO PC required)”, "BGA-Inspection",and "3D Rotation".

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