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New Articulating USB Video Borescopes

YSC Technologies is announcing the addition of USB Video Borescopes to our products! Articulating borescopes are perfect for inspecting hard-to-reach areas, such as vehicle engines, AC and vacuum systems, and gas tanks and cylinders. With a 180 degrees articulating head with 6 built-in LED lights, the borescope allows a panoramic view of the area you want to expect, even if it’s in within a dark narrow space. The USB Video Borescopes also features a 0.3MP CMOS sensor that allows you to view images, take photos and record videos. Depending on your application, the borescopes come in varying lengths and body types (i.e. rigid, flexible, semi-rigid) to fit your specific needs.

To view your inspection live, you can easily connect the borescope to your Windows or Android devices with a simple OTG USB cable. Note that if you want to connect to an Apple device or have a wireless connection to your Windows/Android device, you will need to also get the WiFi Airbox along with your borescope purchase.

For more information, please visit our "USB Video Borescopes" page.

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